Ram Pink Toy Bag




The toys organizer starts as a huge floor mat that extends out to 60″ offering plenty of space for your kids to spread out their toys and play. When play is finished, the storage bag offers tons of room for small and medium sized toys
Made of strong environmental nylon material in blue color. Safe and reliable, washable.The color will stimulate the kids imagination and thinking ability
Easily Folds, nylon cord and cord lock provide an easy opening and closing system. The drawstring safely tucks into an internal pocket when in use or back into the bag for storage
Perfect for keeping toys organized at home, also great when used for bringing toys and games to a friend’s house so toys don’t get lost. Functions beautifully at outdoor picnics, camping, grandparents’ house, the beach and more. Plus, the mat it’s easy to clean even after a trip to the beach
Great for parents who want a fast, hassle and clutter-free tidy-up-time! You’re not just buying a bag, you’re buying time and convenience